Romantic, Intimate & Cool Date Ideas!

Fun, brilliant, easy, romantic and inexpensive date ideas for you and your guy.
You don't need to bust your wallet or take a week's leave for a hot, romantic get-together. With a little planning, there's no shortage of fun plans for you and your guy. May we suggest these easy, romantic and fun date ideas!

Dining dates

Celebrate your love with food. Reconnect with these dining ideas.

  • Breakfast together. Make breakfast dates whenever possible. Even if things tend to get a tad rushed in the morning, try having a coffee together at the nearby deli or coffee shop at least once a week. Connecting over your morning brew just before you head to work can be a refreshing change in your morning routine.
  • Get adventurous with food. You pick the cuisine (French, Thai, buffet); he chooses the area. Then look up the restaurants directory or local food guide and explore a new restaurant together.
  • Have a picnic. There's something rustic and idyllic about outdoor picnics that takes your mind off the everyday stress. Bring along a basket of sandwiches, salad, chocolates, crackers and soda -- and don't forget that bottle of champagne! Head out to the beach or park for an evening and just soak in the romantic atmosphere.
  • Meet for a midnight supper. Remember the school days when you were dating and curfews somehow made things more thrilling? Now, try going out for supper at a 24-hour food center at the wee hours and relive the rendezvous experience.

Activity dates

It doesn't matter if you're sporty or quiet. Doing things you both love together as a couple cultivates intimacy. And there's no lack of fun ideas either:

  • Go ice-skating. Whether you're an expert skater or a beginner, hold hands while you glide around on the ice -- all that close contact will bring the two of you closer.
  • Watch movie at a cafe. Rent the latest DVD or download a blockbuster movie. Then bring your laptop along while you head to a cozy, dimly-lit cafe, order a couple of drinks, cuddle up in a dimly-lit corner and watch.
  • Head to the beach and bring a portable stereo, sunblock, some snacks and flaunt your bod in a bikini. It's the perfect place for weekend relaxation and people-watching.
  • Book a reflexology massage for two and treat yourselves to a relaxing foot massage.
  • Go on a guided tour. Pick up a tour book for your city (or one nearby) at the library. You'll be amazed at all the places of attraction that are hidden. Pick an interesting site and make a day trip there!
  • Take a class together. Anything that interests you, be it yoga, dancing or cooking. If you haven't got the time to pursue that salsa dancing lesson because you hardly have time for yourself, sign up for the class together -- and make a date out of it!

Stay-in dates

Why go out when you can have fun at home? Check out these stay-at-home date ideas.

  • Make chocolate fondue for after-dinner dessert. Making your own fondue is easy and only costs a fraction of what you'd normally pay for at restaurants. Just melt 1 bar of Toblerone chocolate (broken into triangular pieces) and 1/4 cup cream in a saucepan over low heat, and pour into a fondue pot over a burner. Serve with an array of his (and your) favorite fruits and marshmellows and take turns feeding each other!
  • Give yourselves a DIY makeover photoshoot. Here's your chance to be a fashion stylist. Help each other pick out what to wear, style the hair and suggest poses for the camera. Take makeover photos for each other and then together.
  • Camp indoors. So you hate camping. No problem. You can set up a tent outside on the balcony or the porch, spend the night nuzzling against each other and talk just about anything under the stars.
  • Start a pillow fight! When was the last time you wrestled and pounced on each other like a couple of 10-year-old kids?

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