7 Signs He's Ready For Marriage (And 3 Signs He's Not)

Is your guy ready to spend the rest of his life with you? Here's how to tell.
Some men plop down on their knee and ask the magical "Will you marry me" question within a year of dating, while some are still taking things slow after five. It's hard to put a time stamp on everything, least of all relationships. And there's no right or wrong standard -- it really depends on the couple.

But as you're waiting for your guy to pop the question, how do you know that he's really in it for the long haul? Look for these signs that say he's ready to spend the rest of his life with you.

1. He's keen on couple time

If he's ditching time with the guys in favor of being with you, it's a sign that he's strongly committed to the relationship. It's not healthy to spend 24/7 together though, so there should be some balance between spending time with you and having outside interests to focus on.

2. He respects you

Does he listen to what you have to say? Is he willing to compromise to keep you happy? These are signs that he's respectful of you and cares about your feelings.

3. You're making long term plans together

When he discusses his future, does he speak solely about himself or include you in his potential plans? If he's talking more about "me" than "us", it suggests that he's not thinking about your relationship in the long term. If you're already actively making long term plans like buying a home, rest assured that most men won't want to enter into this kind of commitment without being completely sure that you're going to stay together.

4. He's getting his finances in order

Men often like to be financially secure before they feel comfortable making a long term commitment so if he's started looking at pension plans and other long term financial provisions, there's a good chance that he's preparing for a future that doesn't only involve himself.

5. You're always on the guest list for family events

Regularly being invited to spend time with his close family is a sign that he wants you to be involved in his world. Most guys wait until they're sure that the relationship has a future before they start introducing you to family and friends so it's a promising sign if you're a regular fixture at family gatherings. On a similar note, it's a good sign if he's also making a big effort to be involved with your family and friends as it shows that he wants both of you to play an important role in each other's lives.

6. He does a lot of the running

Does he take the initiative a lot in the relationship or is it you who's doing all of the work?

7. His friends are settling down

Peer pressure can be a big factor in influencing when a man is ready to make a long term commitment. If most or all of his friends are making trips down the aisle, he may decide that it's high time he did the same.

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