Beware of Online Dating Liars and Cheats

How to avoid married men and players on the Internet.
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From online dating services to social networking sites, more singles are looking to the Internet to find that special someone. With countless profiles out there, your soul mate might just be a click away -- but so are liars who are out to deceive. The challenge is to sort out the real deals from the undesirable men (married-men-posing-as-bachelors, players, and fibbers) who might cross your screen. Look out for these red flags, say experts.

He is reluctant to give his home number

"I get suspicious if a man hesitates to give me his home phone number," explains Suzanne MacGowan, author of The Ultimate Online Dating Guide. He'll be if he's married, because he doesn't want his wife to pick up the phone. A cell phone or office number, by the way, doesn't count.


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