6 Things Your Guy Doesn't Want to Hear

Some things are better left unsaid in a relationship -- never say these to your guy.
They say honesty is the best policy in a relationship, but there are times when keeping your thoughts to yourself is for the better. Sometimes, throwaway comments that seem perfectly acceptable to you can come across as awkward or insensitive to your partner. And here are six things he really doesn't want to hear.

1. "Do you think she's pretty?"
It's tempting to ask your guy this question when an obviously attractive girl walks by but you're really putting him in a no-win situation. If he says no, you'll think he's lying. If he says yes, you'll probably get jealous and upset, even though it doesn't mean that he thinks any less of you. Either way, it's pointless to put him on the spot.

2. "[Insert your BFF's name]'s husband is such a catch!"
When you're constantly singing praises of someone else's partner (be it that he's rich, successful, good-looking or a super-caring spouse), you run the risk of looking like you're envious of their relationship or mentally comparing it to your own. Nothing puts a dent in your guy's ego like this.

3. "My ex..."
If there's an allergic topic in any relationship, it's the topic of exes. Any comment on your past love life is generally best left unspoken -- whether it's about the good, the bad or the ugly. Talking about an ex-beau will leave your man wondering if you've really moved on or make him worry that you're comparing. Don't put these doubts in his mind.

4. "I'm so freakin' fat!"
Ever seen guys putting posters of super-thin supermodels on their walls? Yeah, neither have we. The fact is men aren't into skin and bones. Trust us, he loves your curves, glorious cellulite and all. And even if you're on the plus side, and can stand to lose a few pounds, there's really no need to let him know about your insecurities.

5. "Hugh Jackman is so hot!"
It's true that most guys aren't as self-conscious about their appearance as women are. But gush often enough about a hunky celebrity, and his ego will be bruised. Besides, you wouldn't be thrilled if the tables were reversed.

6. "I'm fine. Really."
When you're obviously not. If he's done something to upset you, it's better to air things out in the open rather than bottling up your feelings. Even if your bad mood has nothing to do with him, being reluctant to address what's bothering you might make him assume that he's at fault.

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