Women Prefer Men Who Look Like Dad: Fact or Myth?

Poll: Does your hubby remind you of dad?
You've probably heard of the theory that women are attracted to men who resemble their father.

There may be some truth in that -- new research has found that when it comes to choosing a partner, women are highly likely to pick a guy that reminds them of dad. It applies to his physical features, but it may also mean a similarity in personality or character trait, such as a sense of humor or ambition.

Consciously or otherwise, we marry men who are like our father in looks, personality and professional successes quite often, say experts. And they believe this may be because women are seeking out men who would be good fathers to their children. But there's an exception -- if you don't have a positive paternal relationship with your father, you're not as likely to end up with a husband who resembles him.

Not surprisingly, it's the same for men: When it comes to choosing a mate, guys tend to go for women who resemble their moms.

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